high school memories (>that kid) thread

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What in the farax prostitutes molested as a child fingering Hijabi waali is this?


>Last minute scrambling to print off essays & lab reports at the library
>The kids who digitally drew wolves on deviantArt...and roleplayed as furries during lunch break
>Loud Eastern European fob guys who'd yell across the room to each other about football matches, and also their FIFA lineups
>Hipster crew who discussed long boards, 'deep' music/books, and online shopping for the quirkiest creepers
>Lebanese girls who chatted about their rich dads and future nosejobs
>Druggie/gamer crew who talked about COD, Assassin's Creed, and Marijuana oil
>A couple of white girls who'd get pregnant and suddenly stop showing up
>Chinese & Desi kids who'd stay behind to talk with the prof after every class
>Class clown who could always be depended on for a good laugh (teacher would pretend to hate him, but was likely amused)
>Attention seeking, basic SJWs-- who'd dye their hair a different unnatural color every month, get septum piercings, faux spazz about pronouns, romanticize mental illness, & purposely leave their slit wrists uncovered

...And finally

>This, in action; every time the substitute teacher would leave the room:

If you know, you know:bell:.
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Ok no more talk about undeveloped penises :whoa:
Back on topic
>that kid who fought the teacher
>that Nigerian kid who wore a blazer and hung out with the Asians
>that white weeaboo who claimed to speak Japanese
>that gay kid that spontaneously came out in the middle of a sentence during class
>that kid that died in a car crash
And lastly.....

>those new young teachers that always hit on each other

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f*ck high school. Worst years of my life. :dead:
All of the the white and brown kids tried to act black. And the asians were kpop wannabes. :draketf:
I also got cucked pretty bad :mjhaps:


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That teacher who was caught sexting not one but 6 different junior and senior girls.
That white kid who's parents were super loaded and always inviting people to party on their boat every summer.
That African teacher who was super strict on you and would speed dial your parents because he found out you were also African.
That brunette girl that dyed her hair blonde in sophomore year and also had her breasts done.
That mixed kid that was confused about which race he was, so he would only hang out with Asians.
That Egyptian guy who acted like he wasn't Muslim but would make eye contact with you not to say shit when you see him with his family on eid prayer.
That cheerleader girl who's dad was screwing one her friends and when she found out, she shamed her friend.
That Italian teacher who would always remind you that Italians colonized Somalia and you hit him with well the Italians were chased with stones and shoes.
That Asian kid that drop some random African facts just to strike a conversation.
That married teacher who was also screwing the school nurse who was also married.
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