Hi, Maxa iga rabta

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A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
She's following me too.

Welcome through @Batuulo . You should make an intro thread to determine whether we would be friends or not
I understand her following you but this nigga :chrisfreshhah:

I'm going to embrace her with compassion qumayoda she will feel the wrath of farax with a bidaar nacaala :mugshotman:
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Acudu billahi Mina shadani rajiim @Batuulo you never comment on her and I have never seen you comment on SS what's your motive? Why are you targeting me Maxa kugu soobiyey are you following me so you can get more information on me see wax u jiran?

First and foremost what's your qabil I need to distinguish whether you are a friend or a foe? What was it about my comments that pissed you off and in turn made you follow me? Maxa iga rabtaa?
It's a former member on sspot I know who they are pay them no attention. It's a guy btw, he hides behind girl nicks
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