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pepe the frog gang aka geelgarbashyal
I am applying a job and i am.being asked
What would be your strength in customer service? * and.i have no idea what to write
Got any sugestion

Jack sparrow

pepe the frog gang aka geelgarbashyal
Is this good enough

i good to talk to customers and
when it comes to working with customers and clients, I always put myself in the other person’s position and treat them the way I’d want to be treated. Whether someone just wants straightforward information or simple assistance, or they’re trying to deal with a multifaceted problem, my goal is to provide attentive, detailed service so the customer feels cared for and appreciated.
Use each one (Empathy, Problem Solving, and the others) and expand on each one.

Like a good customer service quality I have is Problem Solving.. I want to make sure that I analyse a situation or give the best possible advice to a customer because it reflects good on my work and on the company.

Another good customer service quality I have is patience. I understand customers could need a while to decide what they are looking for or to make sure they want to buy the product. I will be patient with them and let them know I am available to help them if they need assistance.

Do the same with the other ones on the website.
Examples that you could use to outline yours and get inspiration from.

" Responsible and dedicated customer service team member with proven multitasking and organizational skills. Proficient in operating in fast-paced environment to coordinate paperwork, process payment and complete orders. Proactively manage shipments and coordinate deliveries with strong attention to detail and systematic approach. "

" Knowledgeable and dedicated customer service professional with extensive experience in [Type] industry. Solid team player with outgoing, positive demeanor and proven skills in establishing rapport with clients. Motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to company success. Specialize in quality, speed and process optimization. Articulate, energetic and results-oriented with exemplary passion for developing relationships, cultivating partnerships and growing businesses. "

Personable Customer Service agent offering over [Number] years of experience resolving account and service concerns for [Industry] customers. Smoothly uncovered and solved challenges while promoting company products and maintaining loyal, satisfied customers. Focused on surpassing expectations and driving team success.

"Welcoming Customer Service Cashier adept at greeting over [Number] customers per day, counting money, collecting payments and handling customer complaints. Committed to ensuring each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly and helpful environment. Areas of expertise include [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]."

Jack sparrow

pepe the frog gang aka geelgarbashyal
That shouldn't be too hard to get, I wouldn't be so worried. Just give general statements, if they need you, they'll hire you. If they don't need anyone, they won't hire you no matter how eloquent your interview/resume is.
Like give example i literely cant put sentence together when it comes to job apply