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I ❤️ Islam & Aabo Kush. Anti-BBB Anti-Inbred
I'm 6'1
85 kilograms
Wide Goatee ( thick)
Caramel skin
Jareer nose
Gus 8.3 inches fully erect
Girth 5.5 inches

land owner

Welcome to the yaab zone
8’5 ft tall

3 ft long beard

Muscular physique

Can bench press 100K buildings full of obese residents

Gold glowing skin

50 inch penis

$100B annual salary

Hundreds of wet qumayo models chasing me
everywhere I go
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Nah this guy is either a troll, a typical nosey Somali trying to identify us, or an undercover white man trying to identify us because of the nasty shit we've been saying. Y'all heard me first :chrisfreshhah::kanyeshrug: