Breaking News Heavy fighting breaks out between SNA and KDF


moderate power corrupts moderately
Again, we wasn't involved in the TFG at the time. Abdullahi Yusuf AUN was the one who used it, not us.

We was elected, they protect the area for now.
you know what? you do you, i won't repeat what i said. i want you to know that i condemn what KDF has done in Ceelwaaq.


Obergruppenführer in Command (OIC)
HG scares them
For them eithopia Is nice
Kenya is bad
Damn, the HG that we placed in power is the one we are scared off. "ohhhh so scared".
Your narrative : Kenya good, Ethiopia bad. Kenya nice, Ethiopia Scary. Haye.


Engineer of Qandala
Kenya won't fight Somali National Army head on, they can't even fight some brain washed teens in Al Kabob.


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