Heart for Sale

This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

Father arrives at home and children are silent (out of fear) that supervisor came. A father whom children see they don’t rush to hug him. This father is not father but unsuccessful father.

A mother whose absence is not felt by children & father whose absence is not felt by children then those parents are not successful. Harshness is not path of Prophet but love is. Harshness compels children to lie and harshness from teachers forces children to lie.

Harshness of parent’s forces children to lie. Parents instead of being parents become administrators. That’s why children become friends outside they get influenced and thread wrong path.

If your tongue is guarded your faith is guarded. If your tongue is not in control then your religion is vulnerable.

Prophet (saw) said “Shall I tell you of the root of the matter, its pillar and its highest point?” I replied: “Yes! Certainly, O Prophet of Allah.” He said, “The root of this matter (foundation) is Islam, its pillar (mainstay is) As-Salat (the prayer) and its highest point is Jihad (fighting in the Cause of Allah).” Then he asked, “Shall I tell you of that which holds all these things?” I said: “Yes, O Messenger of Allah.” So he took hold of his tongue and said, “Keep this in control.” (Riyad as Salihin)

I have travelled extensively.

One time I was behind bus, revising something. I raised my head saw a poster behind bus with couple of phrases on it. I have not seen something as beautiful.

In large font it was written ‘Heart’.

On the side it was written ‘For Sale’.

Below ‘Heart’ it was written ‘Price’ and ahead was ‘one sweet expression!’

This sweet expression can be said by mother, teacher, father, friend, brother, neighbour. Even if an enemy says this you will be his. Heart is such a thing.