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Protests over election fraud claim turn deadly in Kenya
At least five people killed in protests after opposition claims Kenya's polls were 'hacked' in favour of the president.

  • Kenya after opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed "massive" fraud in Tuesday's vote.

    Two people were shot dead in the capital Nairobi on Wednesday, said the city's police chief Japheth Koome, claiming they took advantage of the protests to steal.

    At least one more person was shot dead earlier in the day in South Mugirango constituency in Kisii County, around 300km west of Nairobi, during a clash with the security forces, according to Leonard Katana, a regional police commander, the AP news agency reported.

    In the southeastern Tana River region, police said five men armed with knives had attacked a vote tallying station and stabbed one person to death.

    "Our officers killed two of them and we are looking for others who escaped," said regional police chief Larry Kieng.

    "We have not established the motive yet, we don't know if it is political or if it's a criminal incident but we are investigating and action will be taken."

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    In the port city of Kisumu, the hometown of Odinga, police used tear gas and shot at supporters of the opposition leader, said demonstrator Sebastian Omolo.

    "He is not accepting the results and that is why we are on the streets, but police have started shooting," Omolo said.

    The contest between President Uhuru Kenyatta, a wealthy 55-year-old businessman, and Odinga, 72, a former political prisoner and son of Kenya's first vice president, has been a hard-fought election that stoked fears of possible violence.

    Odinga rejected the partial results of the presidential polls, saying hackers infiltrated the database of Kenya's election body to manipulate the "democratic process".

    On Wednesday morning, the election commission website showed Kenyatta leading with 54.4 percent of the votes against 44.8 percent for Odinga, a margin of nearly 1.4 million votes, after 94 percent of the votes were counted.

    Simeon Otieno, a 33-year-old father of three, stood near his house looking tense.

    "Everyone is staying home. Baba [Odinga] asked people to be calm but it is very difficult. We hope he wins but they always changed the result to deny him victory," Otieno, a labourer, told Al Jazeera.

    "This election is the same as 2007. They stole his votes and that caused a lot of problems. I hope nothing happens but we are all tense."
6+ Dead and tens injured so far and it's only been 1 day after the election

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