HAYAAAAAY:recently killed Torontorian Somali has his family targeted and shot at

Chester Le smh

I was at the Popeyes yesterday inside the mall near that area. I was genuinely in fear for my life that I would be targeted by the Gabiley teenage thugs. I saw them with their long necks and beady eyes (clan features) grilling me. Their white thotty was also grilling me but maybe she wanted the guus (only for men qumayoyaho) or a new leader.

Didn't know my bros were that savage :mjlol:
Wtf? This is sad. The fact that the demon who did this is walking around free pisses me off.

Dabarka ka chabb markas na indhaha ha kaa dacaan. Dhulka na ha kuu liqqo insha Allah. Intaasi baan Illahi waydisanaya. Amiin