HAYAAAAAAAAY! XALIIMO DECLINES to shake hands w/King of Norway ( see picture)


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May Allah elevate her status above the status of a Queen.
He is the crown prince and not the king. Anyways bad taste to turn down the offer of handshaking the future King. Well done by him for not overreacting and pulling a game of thrones on dem.


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Queens! Good on them for sticking to the deen and not conforming to what society tells them to do. Mash Allah. Whoever said that they should’ve just shaken the hand of the future king are losers. They don’t have to touch a non mahram man if they do not want to.


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Mashallah. This is a xalimo who is firm in her faith and doesn't buckle to the pressures of others, even if they're a prince.
The future King of Norway, Crown Prince Haakon, was visting the Baerem Mosque which had the failed attempted mass shooting. He proceeded to shake hands with the Masjid attendees, then extended his hands to shake it with one of our sisters.
He was doing them a favour, the least she could have done was shaked his damn hand. Tf is wrong with people :drakewtf: