Hayaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy Abu Dhabi Adopts Western Style of Alcohol Drinking


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
" “We would like to announce the cancellation of alcohol licenses for individuals,” the circular said. “Residents and tourists will be permitted to buy and possess alcohol from licensed retail shops, and are allowed to drink within tourism and hotel establishments, clubs and independent outlets.” "

That means every Abu Huraira & Abu Sufian will be buying Alcohol openly without fear. All this because of Covid 19 has taken a hit on the money they used to get, and no longer getting due to tourist not going there! The United Emirates have a golden opportunity to follow Islam to t, given it is their land. Why copy the West? I mean, here in the West, Secular govt is paramount because of multiple religions and people. There it is ONLY Islam. They have it easy.


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