Have you seen Xoogsade????


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Let Them Eat Cake
This is a character i encountered when i was a toddler in 98 in Somali net dot com. He was an elderly, patriotic Somali who was very well spoken, according to how he wrote his posts. Judging from his posts, he was a misogyny. He had low opinion of Women in general. He had a tongue on him, really the type that can shock u to fists of laughter and disbelief. Looking back now, as a non toddler, an adult, i can surmise he was Isaaq & alcoholic. I cannot really explain his style of posting walaahi. This was a man when angry, he said he will urinate on your grave. I asked whether he had fascination with Khaadii as it was frequent in his sporadic tirades. He basically cursed me out to my siinji! He was very learned. He used to make fun of my English Sentence construction. My Syntax as he will term it. He knew about the classic literature books i read and really was actively & knowledgeably engaged in discussions. I believe he later came back with another name "Sir Lugooyo" i suspected it was not him or it was him after having a stroke or heart attack. He said i had improved in English considerably, which lead me to believe it could have him, for it was many years of schooling, & self improvements on myself. Something was missing from this new Xoogsade tho. I could not place it.But the name sounded Somali Patriotic, which he was, & can remain consistent. I continued to observe his posts under Sir Lugooyo, but they lacked that spark of genius. Maybe he impressed me because i was a toddler & i surpassed his genius as i grew up? (hopefully u youngens will do with me :( )

Where is he? Dead????
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