Have you ever robbed a store

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In grade 8 me and 10 of my friends all somali plotted to rob a dollarama

We went to the store and 2 dudes stalled the staff well me and my friends went and finished that dollarama i robbed do much shit i had a mini garbage bag i kid u not

One of the people yelled HEY luckily i was wearing a ski mask and i had a cap gun with the orange tip painted black. I shot it and it made a loud noise and smoke came from it the dude folded like a pussy

Me and my friends ran

I had a bunch of 10$ gift cards to dollarama chocolate and toys a kids wet dream

John Michael

Free my girl Jodi!
My nigga you know damn well that dollarama aint got no cameras or security its an teenagers wet dream from quebec to bc

What were planning to steal? A year supply of Chinese made phone cases? Ugly stationary? Mason jars? Vanilla/plastic scented candles? Kkkkkk
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