Have you ever been bullied


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Yes. In kindergarten. In Elementary. But NO- in High school, i was the head prefect then! I was the LAW! ! I was self aware of myself & my worth with a tinge of narcissism. I think the most bullied are the clueless, not self aware angels like @kurobecky08

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north

a somali is incapable of being bullied, change my mind.

even the most loserest of losers that were somali had other somalis backing them up if bullying arised. i remember this soft nerd in high school was picked on by these madhow girls, some other somali girls in my school noticed and followed one home and scared her into stopping. that boy wasnt picked on again.
If yes, why and by who?
Are you gonna get revenge for everyone? I never was bullied tbh and never bullied. I had a very peaceful childhood into my adulthood. But I also grew up in all white area and didnt have to deal with low level people until I became adult


Back when I was younger, I would rather fight someone twice my size and get my ass kicked before I allow someone to "bully" me. If the bully knows you're with the shits he'll have no choice but to respect you and find someone else that won't fight back.
Luckily no, I had many close friends and rarely got into altercation but bullying is very prevalent in many places.

One of the mains of being bullied is the inability to pick up nonverbal communication.

If you have unusual or no facial expressions, gestures and posture then you have high risk of being bullied.