Have Somalis developed potential cure for mental illness ?

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@ R Kelly et al -do you know what the cure is ?

Having observed a recent discussion by Somali elders on the fate of a mentally ill somali male , I must say there was a unanimous decision on the solution . The family were given advice to send the man back home and for him to be given a Therapeutic experience :mjlol:


child of afgooye
no but they've came up with a diagnosis :fittytousand: you give them a bucket with holes in it and tell them to fill it up with water and if they attempt to and look all surprised when it never fills up then they're waalan, true story ive heard this is how they get diagnosed in somalia :mjlol:
Usually its either a warm/macaan hole or dark/brutal hole. :siilaanyolaugh:
They suggested marriage back home :gucciwhat:

I think it is rather unfair on the females :hillarybiz:

A relative of mine(single mother ) once ended up marrying a slightly deranged fellow and it didn't end too well .He spent the children's money on khat , threatening her and then the police turning up . I had to send some goons just in case :hmm:
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