Hargeisa is TOO big & TOO full


Reformation of Somaliland
This is not even the main downtown area, . The are several mini downtowns / high st through the city.

I mainly blame the local gov for not building infrastructure & putting policies in place to regulate

But also all Somalis from everywhere who flock to this city and put money in there, come on Diversify there's so many other towns that need factories shops hotels etc

If you want the security of SL and to be near Hargeisa.... Burco is crying out for that investment even Berbera if you can handle the heat. I've met from Somalis from everywhere in this city.

Burco has a Major positive there's WATER

If you get in now, you'll be successful:
Electricity Generation (solar plant)
Food Processing

It's not too big or full.

It's just bad urban planning plus the fact that rural regions are neglected hence people migrate to the capital.

This is not only a problem in Somaliland but in Africa as a whole plus other developing countries such as India and China.