Hargeisa is a shithole despite 30 years of peace and no civil war

What I like is that Hargeisa is at least a metropolitan place for Somali standards — crowded, easy flights options, good action and lots of diaspora. It just needs a mayor who cares and less corruption — Garowe wins in those categories. Just watch the mayor on FB.

But I will take Djibouti or Jigjiga any day to a city in Somalia, SL or PL.

Awdalia Rising

SSpot Special Correspondent
Only one city was completely flattened in the late 80s and early 90s isn’t it a embarrassment you are comparing hargeisa to cities that never seen war / over half the city survived war (Mogadishu)!? Hargeisa was reduced to rubble and still outpaces Garowe which is only the size of not even 1 xaafad in Hargeisa. Iska xishood warya


King Of NSFW
Garowe is 3rd biggest city in Puntland yet y'all comparing it to the biggest city in Sland. Ion got nothing against reer hargeisa but ukno that just makes you look even more pitiful right? :mjlol: