Halwa Appreciation Thread

She never liked me, she accused me being .....,.. never mind. But, I think she’s a good person, harmonious, friendly & with a great personality.

Please, if you have nothing good to say about her, then, invent one and if you’ve something good to say about her, don’t say too much to blush her because she’s reer Bari and they are easy to blush.
@halwa is a good mj woman. Like most mj women she has temper problem and they can become outright violent during summer times as the sun has negative effect on them. Other than that she is a star in my eyes.


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By God, I cannot name one good quality of that woman. So I'll remain silent.


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My fatass thought this was a thread about halwa

I advice @halwa to change name because she is the complete opposite of sweet, very bitter woman:susp:


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