Habesha migrants being humiliated as second class citizens in Apartheid Israel

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They don’t care about other semites:mjlol:
Because who the hell cares about language groups:pachah1:we should take this lesson and never speak about Cushites again:lolbron: only Somali, afars oroomos and all those other backwards groups should get no mercy from us:manny:
They only brought the over for slave labour. The Talmud says not to touch the goyim or you prayer will not be accepted for 40 days.


Puffin Stuff

Cheating death in berbera
The habeshas one claim to greatness is the their Jewish royal family wtf do you expect from those bootyclappers

Somalia before the Ogaden war had a higher gdp per capita
Better standard of living
More armoured vechiles
Higher literacy rate
All with a smaller population
That was development of Somalia from formation we packed a punch
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