Guriceel-Galkacyo Road Rehabilitation Declare Bankruptcy

I feel sorry for @TekNiKo for being apart of this state called galmudug. The guriceel boys tried to rehabilitate the road between galkacyo and guriceel and only completed 15 kilometers before declaring bankruptcy.

@Galmudug-State will try to come in and say some wild shit about how it will be completed.
This is a shame,

wallahi they need to pull their own socks and stop begging,

reer waamo females, females, including my mother have raised money from all Ogaden reer waamo from all over the world and are building their own road from kismayo to Afmadow,

no begging, each month they relied on each other and sent money to an account for development so the bad roads could be rebuilt and then kismayo goods could be sent to doobley and finally 50 million kenyan market

self reliance is best, do not rely on the state or some charity like 50 cent coming to gettho

i remember when drought happened all over east arfica, Cabdi Iley told every Ogaden build yuor own towns and water wells and school, he told them bring $1 and i will give you $3 dollars, my mother whose families have not seen Ogadeniya in 11 generations, sent money and her brothers to old central degmo in Qoraxey and loo and behold they brought in almost 1 million as a juufo, and cabdi iley kept to his promise and gave them the money where we opened colleges, macad, water wells, built homes, Ogadens in here will know Maraacato degmo in Qoraxey

people moan adis abab money built Oagden/Asame towns like qoraxey, jigjiga, it did not, inf act they looted more welathf rom us then we ever got back, we built it with our own money just like naiorbi, Garisa, Kismayo, Afmadow, Wajir, Godey,

Ogadens/Absame are gong back to all over Jubaland, NFD and Ogadenia to invest and develop their country
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According to sade it means 'kab' meaning 'shoe' referring to Majerten and 'lax' meaning 'goat' referring to Ogaden. Hence they call us kab iyo lax, majerten being kabti iyo laxdi being @Teeri-Alpha

Ogaden neither Mj were alive when the old father Kablalax AKA Mohamed ( Abdirahman) Darood Ismael Jaberti

His favourite shoes were wearing shoes made from sheep skin and leather, fashion of AD 1150?

Ogaden Absame Kuumade Kablalax (Mohamed darood)

Majerteen Harti Koombe Kablalax ( Mohamed darood)

somalis have too many abdirahmans and too many mohamed's so they created nicknames, Ogaden real name is Abdirahman, Majerteen real name is Mohamed, Dhulbahante is Saciid, Warsengali is Mohamoud,

warya stop insulting our great grandad,

and Lax is not goat Dr, Lax is sheep, goat is Ar'ri

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