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Guess what


UK&Exkhaleeji lander
Iam the only sspoter who didn't grow up in the west for most my life lol :p
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But isn't slavery still a thing in the middle east? Not to mention the piss power human rig3ht. I guess it's to each their own, but I'll never set foot in the middle east.

Ffs they actually sale African people into slavery in libiya :tocry:

Who cares, my ancestors owned slaves

Al Muslim

الموت لامريكا الموت لإسرائيل
Well, I don't want to be a slave in the middle east. :whoa:
As far as I know slavery is only largely present in Mauritania. Also if you ever hear about >'muh human rights' in reference to the middle east it's Westerners talking about how the middle east doesn't tolerate degeneracy.

Al Muslim

الموت لامريكا الموت لإسرائيل
Human rights are universal sxb, and you should never let anyone deny or infringe them.

Here is just few rights that is afforded to you as a human

1. Right to life
2. Right to own property
4. Freedom of speech
5. Freedom from torture and slavery
6. Freedom of education
7. Freedom of assembly
8. Right to a fair trial
9. Equality before the law

You have no protection in a country that won't afford these rights to you. Especially as a minority
I don't think you understood what I meant. Most arab countries have Islamic law and Westerners who push degenerate things hate these laws. Also I can guarantee you that 100% of the rights you have listed have been abused by the US, UK and France both in the past and currently. 'Human rights' are nothing but a front for western hegemony.