Guess the ethnic origin of this guy

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@Yonis That is indeed not my actual pic, sorry to disappoint. If you want her @ though: Dawn Kirkland on IG.

@Benjamin tsk tsk, you definitely shouldn't have deleted. OP just clarified. It seems your first guess was right.

@leeroy jenkins I was only following your logic horta, "takes one to know one" ring a bell ?
It is interesting how the likes of the Oromo and Fulani outnumber the Somalis by almost three our four times , even though the Somalis were also expansionist people . They incorporated a lot of other people and Slaves into their group . The Farax race was always loyal to the xalimo . You have no gratitude !


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
I think his Ethiopian probs Oromo
:ohno:I never claimed it was me to begin with; I always post my girl crushes as my dp...I don't know what kind of explaining you expect sxb
How close does your display picture represent you physically:damedamn:
The Dinka , a Nilotic people , are generally very dark , tall and have features between those of the Bantu and
Cushites .

Some of the nilotes mixed with the Cushitic people in South Eastern Kenya -like the Masai and Turkana .The guy in my first post is most likely Fulani,not Dinka .
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