Greek Adonis or Ashy Abdi?

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Greek Adonis who will not complain about anything, will do chores around the house, your household tradition with him will be breakfast in bed every Saturday. Takes you to romantic getaways. Is educated and head of a very rich company. Works out every morning. Has a charity organization, travels the world to help the less fortunate.

Ashy abdi who looks like he's 9 months pregnant, complains about everything, don't know how to do laundry, never went out of the country unless it is to go back to Somalia. Never works out, eats everything around the house, his farts are deadly, cries to his hooyo when his qabiil asks him for qaraan, thinks it's haraam to go on date nights with his wife, shops at the Somali mall, expects his wife to choose Eid clothes for him, has the audacity to talk shit about Somali women all day.


O please, you wasted your time writing all this bait when we all know you're gonna end up with an Ashy Abdi !

u have no choice abayo :siilaanyolaugh:
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