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Gorgeous SOMALI girl gets her DNA test back (YOUTUBE! ASS FATTER THAN PIZZA CRUST!)


Every man is a Shepard to his people.
I don't believe in most as they are weak sources and have been tampered with by racist arabs. We are meant to belive in all books but the bible was currupted and the torah hence i only believe in the quran fully. All it says is that the quran can't be currupted not the hadiths, men will change things even if it haram especially ones that don't believe in hell. You can't tell me that they couldn't have tweaked it to suit them if they wanted to.
That why we have isnaad, there is book containing volumes upon volumes with every person who narrated a hadith background, whether a liar, bad memorizer, Murtadd, insane its mainly in there.

Why bring up racist Arabs this is the most stupidest claim. You think a Arab man can fake hadith. What makes have dhiig kaar is thise who tease those for who they are. The Prophet said they are three things from jahilliyah that my people will do.

One of them is mocking peoples lineages, i.e if a black man is black are you going to say he is a Slave. Also calling a Arab an racist. Understand the world is more different from your 1 sided coin.
I just checked my ancestry dna matches and there’s straight up white British and Italian people. Wtf, I’m honestly having a breakdown right now.