Goodax Barre Releases North Mudug Student Statistics

do we have results for puntland published yet and are they available online?
They're were a few schools recently busted by PL police for having the federal curriculum in galkacyo, the teachers were jailed and the school shut down, so i am not sure where he got puntite student results, unless they went to hamar to sit it.


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So wait, you were boasting all along but you flopped the test?

it does not make sense that only 105% of students passed, is this xawadly hoto making these numbers up?

what is this guys obsession with puntland horta?

where did he get the data from this xawadly langab? did puntland release this data or out of his imagination?

and if the data is real, we must ask why did puntland students do so badly,

you have plenty of explaining to do @DR OSMAN

we want to see data from the puntland government since they took the test separate from xamar control and if the numbers are true we need heads rolling and people fired at the top for this failure
do we have results for puntland published yet and are they available online?
No students in Puntland took the Goodax test. Puntland has been making its own exams since before the FGS even existed. Our results were released last month.
Puntland top 10 schools 2019-2020.jpg
Puntland top 10 students 2019-2020.jpg

Education is taken very seriously in Puntland. Principals and teachers of classes and schools that underperform are quickly replaced. We don't blame students for watching Tiktok.


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Its Leelkase students not PL students or north Mudug students only those part time hawadles from Goldogob took part!


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