The one and only 4head
My little farm in Djibouti is worth more than 100.000 euros! We have bought it for just 5000 euros and one french guy wants for at least 100.000 euros!

I might accept this offer.

My student life and my new fortune will give me more time for savings! Inshawaaq, the next 20 years, I want to become the next president of Djibouti/Somaliland/Somalia. The ultimate President.



The one and only 4head
Congrats bro. Now marry a redbone.
Imagine niggas who work more than 50h/week and they earn at least 1700 euros here.
Me, as a farmer, I earn more! Let me finish my education and I'll be successful as a business man.


The one and only 4head
This is life! :hmm:
I want to join my family's odyssey. We were merchants and businessmen since the beginning of the 20th century.
If I failed in Djibouti, I still can go to Somaliland, where I have many family members who have big startups and businesses. I won't die as poor! inshallah
My dream is to be the Somali Trump :ulyin::trumpsmirk::trumpsmirk::trumpsmirk: