Girls buying you things

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cismaan maxamuud
I don't mind if she bye's me small things here and there, so long as i reciprocate her favours,I'm a simple man, I don't need much.That being said, whatever she gives I'll make sure that I give more.


"You are your best thing"
If you are in a relationship, gift giving should go both ways. Any guy willing to put up with a woman who gives him nothing should reevaluate his relationship.

yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
I once bought a watch for a guy only because it was Christmas and he got me lady million so I felt bad either way I don’t see a problem with it let her spoil you


The Realest of All Time
If i am buying anything for a guy, it means I feel bad for him (charity) or we are related :kodaksmiley:, niggas get jobs and buy shit for yourselves :chrisfreshhah:
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