getting over money

many of us are involved in various relationship with money but find it very hard
to pin it down to some form of stable relation. we find it elusive and quite demanding in
different forms always seemingly to want more than our abilities to meet those demands.
pride and disdain seem to be its form of response to our efforts to court it. always seems to
let us down at our times of greatest needs. due to this turbulent and draining situation i demand
that its time we changed our tactics and drop the good guy approach and start dealing with the
****** the way he or she deserves. from now on lets meet it halfway and respect its value
but not its tactics. we will only give in what it gives back. believe me when you get over it like
in any relationship it will show interest and start responding heck even taking the first steps
in trying to get back your affection. it has its own libido and when you get to tap it its ferocious
in its response and insatiable in its connections, you might have to run away from it after this.
its motto is i dont chase anything that doesnt run away from me. turn your back on it and reclaim
your balls in this relationship.