Get the Vaccine if you can


:stressed: hmmmmm seeing people in healthcare not want to take the vaccine made me iffy about it as well good advice and hehe bouta cancel my health insurance and message you anytime i have a question:ahh::ahh:
If you send me questions, I'll make sure to reply with my CashApp. :ufdup:I'm not a European doc. I'm actually in this for the $$$


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I am not sure if anyone considered this but what if these vaccines be their Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca targeting one variant of concern leave the ‘host’ more vulnerable to newer variants. Sometimes in nature when you get rid of one thing you leave a vacuum for something worse/more aggressive to appear. We could also take it a step further and wonder if the Covid vaccinated will act as reservoirs of infection for newer more virulent or dare I say more fatal variants.