"George Floyd Protests: Is US media less FREE than Hong Kong, China's?"

Omar del Sur

علم السلف > علم الخلف

I know, I know. A narrative has been pushed on people- "white people = saints, nonwhite people = evil". And nonwhites who don't serve white interests are especially "evil," allegedly.

For example:
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So I know that what the video demonstrates might shock some people and I get it- some people are not ready to break free of being colonized mentally. I get it and that's why I'm here to help you. China is basically becoming the most powerful country on earth and centuries of Western domination appear to be drawing to a close. More and more people should be waking up from their colonial hypnosis. Some are not ready to realize that they are free.

Anyways. For the people who are not patients who have to be treated for mental enslavement- this video shows a difference between police in China and police in US. Notice the stark difference. I don't need to spell it out and you don't need to take my word on anything. See for yourself.