Gentlemen, are any of you MGTOW?


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Most know that when they are friend-zoned that chances are slim, but guys are primitive. It is basic biology and strongly suppressed by society/upbringing/mores.
:farole: I'm wearing a black tent and covering my face with a mask and a Mohican headdress on top. Please, tell me no one has a Scream fetish thats culturally appropriating native dhaqan.

Sis I can’t believe it either. We’re not even human beings to thirsty dudes, just a possible lay. Now it makes sense why most girls have been hit on by male friends. I’ve dumped some creepy dudes from my circle because of this.

Whatever, men are shit friends anyways, women are way more fun.
:mugshotman: Sis, it's like having a pet hyena. They are waiting for an opportunity to snack on you in the event that one becomes avaliable.

I always assumed the best, used to ignore the signs, but reading more about them is saddening. Even the ayeeyos aren't safe from their lewd headspace.


What I meant to say is this. I'm sure there are girls you find interesting and it is not just about attraction
yeah guys usually give women more leeway when it comes to attraction and go for the top 80 percent, its usually women who are more selective and go for the top 20 percent tbh, when it comes to other factors outside attractiveness(which as I stated has a lot of leeway) guys basically have no standards and just settle tbh, which is why women would have it easier, although it typically docent work out this way because women compete for the top 20 percent making it harder to pick from a smaller pool and most times(90 percent) they don't shoot their shot so they have to wait around for someone to show intreats which is where we have the whole Ayesha curry debacle where women get mad when they don't get attention