Gen Abdi Raan announces guerrilla movement in Burco urges fight against Biixi and Kaahin

After mass arrests by Biixi, General Abdi Raan the overall commander of North Somalia today announced new guerilla movement in which he said that the people should fight against Biixi and Kaahin who are the incarnation of one of the parties in the Somaliland civil war which killed many people.

He also told UAE and Djibouti to stop interfering in the affairs of what he calls North Somlia but has a banner at the background saying 'North West Regions Salvation Guerrilla Movement'.

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Bohol good split Caare should concentrate on Ceerigaabo/Ceel Afweyn and Sanaag.

While Abdi Raan is concentrating more on the Togdheer/Waqooyi Galbeed and actually extend the movement. Smart move.