Geeljires rob rapper Tory Lanez during Toronto performance

Its ceeb tbh

Yeah they act "gangster for the gram" but their all soft.

Those ships are entering Somali territory and dumping toxic waste in our waters :mjpls:

We gotta retliate :mjpls:
Forget about territory we have Farrah's out here snatching chains saaxiib, even if they weren't in our Territory we would have found a way. You know the phrase when it comes to crime somali people will find a way.

When there's a will there's a way :francis:


Why are Western Somali men copping the term geeljire lol

The title reads "Camel Minders ROB so-and-so rapper during a performance"

I don't know that the poor geeljires in the motherland appreciate this free PR :cosbyhmm:
Its just sad what happened to him and that it was caught on camera. Even worse that Somalis did that to him.
I agree abayo macaan like malawax iyo malaab but why would you stage dive in the crowd in which the demographics of the crowd are "gaajo" iyo "musty tuugs"? Drake and other rappers don't stage dive cuz they know this will happen to them too.