Gedo students took top 4 places in the national exam

Seems like some losers on this thread were hurt by this outcome, instead of saying mashallah or at the very least being neutral to Somali kids getting higher education. They make this about politics and other nonsense.


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Good job to all the hardworking students of Gedo and as usual I see jealous people making stupid remarks and sh1tting on good thread. Not everything is political and not everything goes your way. Accept that
Congrats to Gedo schools. Statistics tell a lot.

40% of Benadir students missing out will cause an uproar. I suspect it's due to tougher measures against cheating and leaked papers. Jubbaland fielded the least number of students, they may have just marked their top schools under the SFG MoE. It is an easy ploy to get scholarships.

Goodax Barre needs to go. Education needs to be a bottom-up approach. Kor lagama xukumi karo dugsiyada. I don't even think they have credible invigilators. Whp marked the exams!?


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I think it's cause the only students that sat the exams were those capable of passing and it's a small number compared to other regions.
I never knew Somalis can be this Xaasid to politicize kids taking exams. Congratulations to Gedo and may other regions compete in this as well:qri8gs7::qri8gs7::qri8gs7: