Garowe Has It's Own Weather Facility

Garowe reports it's own weather, next we need to begin record-keeping and look at weather patterns while buuns n hags are like this

@Mckenzie kuwani ayaa ku bahan somali iyo cushitic iyo islam kuma bahno. Inkaar alla kugu rid, dadkaga sidasi uu eek baad dad kale ka fekeraysa, kuwani ya u maqan:holeup:
Bro what’s up with these people always starving?
The people that represent them are busy thinking about islam n gaal or somalia or east africa or world wide unity and other luducurous ideas, while their people pay the price. Dad uma maqna basically, their representatives are busy in somali matters at the expense of their own. All their representatives care about is presidency or ministry while their ppl pay the price unfortunately. We need to expose them and help them by saying dadkina ayaa halkasi idin dhigay not siyad not darod not gaalo, but their own people, they love to deflect their failures to others is another issue. They dont want to accept responsibility