Garacad Port & Town Construction Project


This is how it's going to look based on a new interview. Watch from 7:25.


B berth has begun.

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From 2018 to present what a remarkable progress— big kudos to the private investors.

Will phase one upon completion be able to handle containers or will that be later? Bosaso’s biggest downside is lack of container capability which removes it from international shipment network.

Stage 1 of the Garacad Seaport in Somalia is in the final stages of construction. The first stage is the construction of the small berth to enable the safe navigation of approach of vessels into the port to aid the delivery of crucial construction materials and plant. The small berth is one of many berths which will be built as part of the overall scheme.

Garacad Seaport is a new container terminal under construction in the town of Garacad in Somalia. The new port has been planned to open up the horn of Africa, central Somalia and the south-eastern region of Ethiopia to more accessible trade routes to the wider world, particularly the Arabian Gulf and Asia.
Rendel’s ports sector, in collaboration with Ingerop Kenya and Ingerop South Africa, is delivering design review services for the development of the port for Wadaagsan Company. Our services include consultation and engineering design services, full design review and the optimisation of the design for the ongoing port construction project.

In detail, the services being provided by Rendel and Ingerop are listed below:
  1. Design review of the current design of the project to identify value engineering opportunities and to provide recommendations for technical and cost improvements. The elements included in the design review are the approach channels and turning circles; project requirements; environmental conditions; berthing and mooring; quay wall stability and bearing pressures; geotechnical design parameters; breakwater design including rock/concrete armour unit protection; and utilities.
  2. Production and coordination of construction drawings.
  3. Ongoing engineering assistance to Wadaagsan Company to deliver a port serving both nationally and open up trade Internationally.
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