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Damn my niqqa why you gotta hate on us like that? My dude said “Somali lives matter” end of story :samwelcome:
As long as you put Somali first and keep your religious affiliation to yourself i.e not spreading anti Islamic stuff you are welcome as a fellow somali bro or sis in my opinion.

Awdalia Rising

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BLM is an American issue why are these fruity sounding Europeans trying to hop on that cursed wave ? Majority of the black population of the UK are descents of immigrants who arrived 1940s/50s or later. BLM is just a modern version of what Malcolm x and MLK were protesting about in the 1950s/60s. There is no correlation or any reason for anyone outside the US to try to start a local BLM in your country. You can support BLM but you can’t relate to it and neither can I. As far as I’m concerned European blacks are treated far better than African American blacks. You guys get called racist names and occasionally told to go back to Africa lol if that’s all blacks in America had to deal with BLM wouldn’t even exist.