Gamers: What was your most regrettable game purchase


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Mine was Shaw-Fu. I remember my dad being super hyped about buying it for 60 dollars.........
And Persona 1. The others are fantastic, but the first was terrible. The world map was confusing asf
What about y’all ? Those gamer magazines were lying half the time, but sometimes I get surprised. The cool spot game for the sega genesis was actually really good.


Taxation is theft
Also, Final Fantasy 13. The new battle system is trash and Lighting is an unbearable *****. She’s just light skinned Korra . Her, Squall, and Tidus are my least favorite FF protagonists. The ninth one is the best one in my opinion


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There was a batman game around 2015/16 that was a buggy mess. Really any buggy game but the batman game crashed my Ps4 so hard. It had to be rest and I lost a lot of data


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