Game of Thrones Ending


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
Dumb story lines. Dragon lady through out the show was portrayed as the moral, fair queen up to the last season when she is suddenly heartless.

Jon is portrayed as the most moral character thru out, no compromising of his morality, until the end when he murders his "queen" while kissing her.

Then the lazy, face pouting kid in wheel chair becomes the king of the six kingdoms nominated by the imp.

Sounds like Rkelly wrote that crap.


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
I can't stand the saqajaan, can't believe all the 3 eyed raven trash
was just so he could be King:pachah1:

I have no problem him being a king. It makes sense. He used his brain than his body, thats what a king should. Jon is a military guy. I just dont like peoples nature just changing to suit a suitable ending to please the casual mass fans


living off borrowed time
A decade of hype for this? It was so bad I wanted to cry and break my neck at the same time ffs. I need GRRM to finish the books soon


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this season it was soo bad

Jon snow was useless
Arya was useless
Jamie Lannister was useless
Tyrion was useless

The worst finale ever


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