Galmudug forces take control of strategic Al-shabab base

The march of victory cannot be stopped. I don't believe in Somalia but I believe in my people. Galmudug Derwiish forces supported by local HG clans inch closer and closer to Xaradheere town as they now control, 80% of Xaradheere district.


Masha'Allahi Mighty HGs are booming with their State Galmudug, fighting and liberating our deegaans by ourselves while building our own Port.
Hambalyo HG/Galmudug:salute:
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Enemies of Galmuudg will all be crushed. None of our men were killed or injured in today's clashes. We took the base with ease as we continue to march to total victory. We have the superiority in forces. Al-shabab plant road side bombs just to slow our march to victory but they cannot stop us.

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