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Galdogob Future

If I am tribalist as the southies call me, AAR aan diido Leelkase President, cuz his region is progressing, he has a stake now in the nation, he will not play dangerous politics as he will have something to lose himself. Failed regions lack any stake whatsoever in the nation, they're region is already backwards, so they can negiotate with you to 'tanasul' since they got nothing to lose anyways.

Failed regions in the south want to rule thriving regions in the north, this is unacceptable, who came up with this model? go fix your region like galdogob has, show me something to have confidence that your progressing, I want evidence, I don't want **** talk waryaa. Wax indhahayga taban karo hadi aadan ii tusin karin, u must resign from your post in the SFG to save the nation the grief of not trusting you.
Galdogob should thrive even further from the 'tax' collection at 'turdibi'. Those DDSI niggas will prefer to use LEELKASE custom point and relocate from the FAILED ID22R clan port in Berbera. Galdogob future looks bright. It seems like it will be central 'trade hub' connected to the 'garacad' sea port with a transnational highway that is 'tarmac' grade road.

This will naturally piss of the Hobyo boys, but Darbi Darod future is sealed and they won't allow no H2TU to send them back to HELL to join the south regression.

@SomaliMVP congratulations on Galdogob
It's a shame Qardho has no vision for it's own town like Galdogob, how long you going to play the role of the town that serves as 'hagaar bax' for Bosaso or the 'pit stop' where people have lunch? Qardho needs to define what the character of it's town will be and what economy they are seeking. The only thing I saw was a road to bayla that was completed but it was not proper tarmac but gravel.

A Fishery sector perhaps? but how many fishery education can the nation handle. I suggest Qardho fill the void of 'higher learning' institutions in PL, similar to how Borama did, who now has a reliable economy based around providing quality university level education. This will see an influx of students from PL/SOMALIA to Qardho for good quality university. But maybe Badhan beat you to this economic model with the Makhir university.

It's sad but Qardho is always behind like a fuckin futo and it pisses me off this once regarded the pioneer of the whole Somali people.
Galdogob has always been loyal to Puntland but with the new business that will come from DDSI, it is cemented, their fate is tied with Garacad for good.

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