Gabiley boss

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He's a disgusting piece of racist shit. Sometimes, he makes good comments though by standing up for Somalis but on the other hand he's just vile.


the pussy is never yours, its just your turn.
he got a serious inferiority complex for beesha
:drakewtf:I keep seeing this troll on all somali videos on YouTube and triggers bantus a lot reading his comments are honestly funny :chrisfreshhah: you can tell he’s not serious or is he :cosbyhmm: anyways I remember befor being a lurker somebody replying to him asking what his somalispot accounts was. So is it true is he on here and if so who is he ? And why does he have such a big problem with Bantus claiming somalia
Thought he was smart about matters in somali history, but a convo with him quickly proved he ain't that bright :liberaltears:

I like him tho.
Not open for further replies.