Gaas, his aunt Hawo White and Deni's ending of taxation discounts

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Cabdiwali Gaas whose aunt Xaawo Cad a famous Khat merchant from his clan (Dameerjoog) who flies mirow from Nairobi to Puntland and had given Gaas cash loan for his election campaign was given a tax discount to import Mirow khat after Gaas failed to give her a monopoly in Khat trade as others imported Khat from nearby Yemen making it harder to compete as fresh Khat from neighbouring Yemen is more cost efficient than far away Kenya.

He even tried to impose monopoly using administration authority banning any import from Yemen to give his aunt Xaawo cad a free run.

President Deni ended any taxation discounts which means the Mirow trade has to pay actual proper taxes into the government purse benefitting the State as a whole rather than one person (Xaawo Cad).

It is also a blessing as Mirow khat is much more stronger.
Poisonous Mirow from Kenya will not get tax discount to benefit Gaas's aunt Xaawo Cad

The tax discount ending is not exclusive to poisonous Mirow Khat traders such as Gaas's aunt Xaawo Cad but for private firms, NGO's and governmental organisations to stop nepotism and corruption

Why would a woman who trades in Khat from Kenya which is poisonous and strong be entitled to massive tax discount.

She was allowed to import plane loads of Khat Mirow drug from Kenya to Puntland paying next to zero in taxes so she could compete and drive others out.

I wonder why that happened?

Let's go back

1. She lend Gaas money to compete in the election in the hope he would reward her handsomely which he did by giving her tax reductions for her imported drugs.

2. She is of the same Dameerjoog subclan Gaas hails from essentially his aunt.
I applaud President Deni first he stopped the printing of counterfeit Shilling Somali in any form and then stopped tax discounts for the likes of Xaawo Cad the richest woman in Mudug who benefit and get rich at the expense of the State and citizens by importing poisonous Mirow Khat.
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The Tax discount decreed by Abdiwali Gaas was solely intended to benefit his aunt Hawo White (Xaawo Cad) but made it to look to give tax reductions to NGO's, governmental organisations and privately owned companies i.e Xaawo's Mirow importing business.
Tijoux the girl being 'Puntland' he talked about in Dubai October 2013 saying:

“Puntland waa gabar gaari ah oo qurux badan oo aad u fiican laakiin nasiib daradeedu waxa weeye maalinkasta Aalkoliiste (Khamriya cab) bey guursataa”

"Puntland is active girl which is very beautiful and good unfortunately she marries everytime an alcoholic"

If that is the girl sure he did specially ironically considering that none of the previous Puntland Presidents had any addiction of any sort bar himself addicted to antidepressants and smoking shisha.

Gaas two weeks ago in his subclans home village of Dameerjoog, Ethiopia (literally Donkey's hideaway, lair or sanctuary) posing in a selfie red eyed slowly getting to terms that his time is coming to a woeful end.



Imagine being a Hawiye and yet having this level of focus on the internal workings of Puntland. What a basketcase.

Wallahi kaan cadi'ma'ahan. I've never seen someone obsessing over anyone, like this guy. I think Gaas, done his mama dirty, back in the day. That's gotta be the only explanation.
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Armadillo I respect you however when being a leader of a people and land as Puntland getting involved in trivia and banter as you do cannot be the conduct of someone holding public office.

In case of Gaas a man with 'issues' his conduct was that of your Somalispot character personified by jesting and living for the moment while being careless.

A charlatan, notorious pathological liar that was corrupt beyond imagination, the way he looted the public assets was unheard of so that Puntland was broke yet public revenue collections were increasing dramatically however the country was back to the days of Adde Muuse when Puntland was diverting its meager resources to keep the TFG in Mogadishu under life support while like back then with the economy shattered the administration of Adde Muuse like the one of Gaas felt it necessary to print more money to rob further the disadvantaged population and causing inflation of the highest sort making the weakest and poorest suffer the most with majority becoming poorer up to soldiers getting close to starvation.

In my conservative view that is unforgivable and we the people allowed it to go on for so long. Such conduct deserves condemnation and utter most contempt. I loving Puntland like I do will not and cannot stay silent. Most know what has taken place in Puntland.

I felt it is only right to highlight what went wrong and for people to see Puntland is above anybody of us and greater. I have information and your problem is that you don't want this information to go public that is why you come with weak accusations.

Gaas did nothing to me and I neither hate or like him but I feel utter contempt to what he did to our great State of Puntland. The man was unstable and was on antidepressants but as it the unofficial law dictates in Puntland he had to 'finish his time' even though he was unfit but at what cost?
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In this threat I highlighted and informed the members and non member readership of the following:

1. President Deni issued a decree ending tax discount and reduction for NGO's, Governmental Organisations and Private Companies

2. Gaas gave his aunt Xaawo Cad under that reversed decree by President Deni Tax reductions and discount so she could import Mirow Khat from Kenya to Puntland via planes cheap to secure monopoly in Khat trade of Puntland.

3. Xaawo cad his aunt and financial backer who contributed greatly to his election back in 2014 was rewarded with massive Tax discount for her daily Khat import after failing to give her a free run and making her the only Khat distributer in Puntland by using force and intimidation.

He used his authority to reward his aunt who financially contributed to his election in 2014 so she could import poisonous Mirow Khat into Puntland and distribute it.

He was enabling strong mirow Khat to enter with low taxes for it to be sold to a wider public to benefit and enrich his aunt and her Mirow Khat business/cartel.

He tried to intimidated other Khat traders so that the people only get hooked to his aunts poisonous Mirow Khat.
President Deni's reverse and ending of that favoritism, immorality and nepotism caused for Khat landings in Puntland to hold by Xaawo cad who is protesting that change and measure.

Even if Khat is allowed to arrive it has to pay proper import taxes to benefit the state economically and not an individual and as a subsequence less will be chewed and bought benefitting the people and State as many will not afford it and think twice getting that strong Mirow Khat therefore increasing productivity and decreasing addiction in Mirow Khat.
Abdisamad there were no Khat imports in the last days and I welcome it but people have to know to why and the background story behind it.
I commend President Deni for his decree ending Tax discounts to the likes of Xaawo cad to import cheap Mirow and get rich at the expense of poor families, the economy and State itself.

That is why Puntland is in good hands right now.
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