Gaas and Madoobe + other state Prez support Pres Xaaf, says the FG orchestrated this

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They say the FG is behind this, trying to create political turmoil and trying to unlawfully oust Xaaf. Meanwhile Senators and MPs flew in to Cadaado to diffuse the situation. President Xaaf also met with them and held meetings with his own Parliament and House + speaker, alongside his VP

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Federal Government meddling in Galmudug, from disrupting ASWJ talks to trying to straight up oust our President :stopit:

That doesn't include when they tried to play hot potato and throw it at Galmudug during the whole Qalbi Dhagax scandal, only to be blasted by ONLF themselves before going all out and taking credit for extraditing a "terrorist":stopit:

Seriously what the hell is Farmaajo and Kheyre trying to achieve? I bet you'd hear their own Ministers voicing their concerns if it wasn't for the fact that they straight up banned the Ministers from ever talking to the media because they spoke up in the first place.

Farmaajo doesn't realise though that Xaaf is an old school in Somali politics, he doesn't play soft:russsmug:


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Hirshabelle denies to be part of the joint communique. The new president of Hirshabelle knows what happened to his predecessor so he's keeping a low profile and doesn't want to antagonise the SFG.


Xaaf even if he survives this, he's extremely fragile. SFG sent a mild warning shot. I think he too will keep a low profile.
I'm pretty sure Xaaf will survive at this point.

He's currently fixing up his house it seems.

Here's a funny math problem though. Apparently 52 MPs voted to oust him, while 48 MPs today outright called this a coup by troublemakers. That adds up to 100 MPs

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