Future of Farming

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Somaliland Farmers Group was established to share information and knowledge on farming and animal husbandry in Somaliland. As many Somalilander's and returning diaspora are keen to enter this sector - I hope that this group will create a platform to share experiences, struggles, successes as well as failures. Please feel free to discuss anything on this topic and share pictures, articles, research and any data of use to members.
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investment project ideas
I remember reading about an architectural firm that was developing large scale hydroponic system of farming that also includes aquaculture. And just imagine it could be anchored to a body of water to free up land use. How long is Somalia's coastline again? :farmajoyaab: You would never have to worry about drought, famine, natural disaster and the spraying of industrial chemicals. :banderas:I'm a huge proponent of sustainable agriculture. Forget food aid/heavy reliance on food imports and dependence on NGOs. Imagine improving health outcomes of people. :salute:
you so Right walaal it's a million dollar industry now its the right time to start or invert in hydroponic farming in Somalia..my family and I started a small farm in Burco. Hydroponic system is something we looked at and liked
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