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@Reiko and @Steamdevolopment you two have the weirdest relationship, I'm curious to know how the animosity started or is there one? See confused lol
@Steamdevolopment recently came out of the closet, she has a crush on me, I've repeated thousand of times that I'm not interested. Everytime she quotes me, that hurt in her heart comes out. b*tch is crying when she replying to me. :susp:


The Brave
Af xuma indharyartu. She sounds like she's about to spit on somebody the way she's pronouncing Somalia, lawd knows afkeeda imsa jiir ee kuso leeday, that spit will be the mothership of bacteria, deadly enough to knock a skinny Farah or xalimo out cold upon contact :susp:
This nigga funny as hell! :dead:


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