Fuleymaarjo hasn't been seen for weeks now!

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Fuleymaarjo aka Fraudmaarjo aka Failmaarjo aka Farmaajo has been hiding under his bed covers in fear of the

public anger surrounding his controversial treasonous if not borderline treasonous act of handing over a decorated

veteran and citizen of the Jamhuuriyadda Dimoqraadiga Soomaaliya to Ethiopia!

He went from publicly appearing in his "Igu Sawir" iyo "Igu Dayo" campaign that actively had him engaging with the

populace and making big promises he couldn't hold to hiding in Villa Somalia not to be seen for weeks now.

He hopes this controversy will quickly blow over and he can just hope it will go away with time

but that will never happen!

This is something that will forever be in infamy!


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
President farmaajo is in Saudia Arabia welcomed by the king
May Allah protect and preserve president farmaajo and may Allah protect him from the evil eye amiin :rejoice:

Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
Tell us about how your fraud president xaaf was impeached lol
17 PM paid by Galmudug's 2017 elections candidates can't remove the president:ftw9nwa:
maybe you should read minister juxa's paper from the interior ministry and federal affairs.

plus you can't remove a president that has been in office less than 6 months and of course, 17 MPs can't remove him. the man has 38 MPs with him:ftw9nwa:
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