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yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
dab on em
dab on em
dab on em
I dab on a like its minecraft (squad)
Im fab cuz i shine like a diamond ( shiny)
I glow in the dark im neon
i dont need a spark youre just a peon
somali spot is my home now(gang)
yall suck harder than a blowjob (gag)
dont even comeback ur too slow dog
thats the end of the battle gg road hog

the conqueror is in the house.
malnourished abdi thinks he can rap:chrisfreshhah:
I cant take you srsly :ulyin:
when ur forehead is all the way back:salute::mugshotman:
man said he was shiney
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more like crusty:nahgirl:

here some vasaline :siilaanyosmile:

I think youll need in more than me:trumpsmirk:

best I can come up with
im just your average guy yo. i doubt me sharing my mundane life will get any notice. Furthermore is @Amira free or nah?
Hasbunallah :mjlol::nahgirl:
@fox is a sspot legend and is why many of us joined here :ufdup:
You joined because of crude? Are you also an autist saxiib?
Im a big fan of this album and I also think my life is complete sshit. we would get along realy well.
Create an intro bro
Yeah i agree its getting alittle weird now.

Indeed :liberaltears:


31/12/16 - 04/04/20
@fox, looking back i didnt really get you all that much. recent events have kinda opened my eyes. heres an album that i deeply relate to and think you just might as well:
best songs in the album 0:00-2:47

or you can listen to the whole album if you like lol
what you on mate? :faysalwtf:


31/12/16 - 04/04/20
Welcome back! Dude long have I waited to interact with you :friendhug:. It's a good album bro. i believe you can relate to as much as i have. Especially 'i am shit' Seriously though try it!!
I dont listen to music sxb it gives me a headache :francis:(I like to listen to my own thoughts).:manny: How long have you been lurking for sxb? :chrisfreshhah:
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