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Founder of SNAPBI (gathering of marriage hopefuls) interviews a rising Xaliimo

Grigori Rasputin

For 3 weeks I thought I was another nationality
Wariyaha SomaliSpot
SNAPBI claims to be “Professional gathering organization” where they have chapter in every major Somali inhabited Western cities. (In reality it is about couple of folks who wants to let you know that they are nurses or IT techs or caseworkers). But mainly it about hooking up. It is riddled with single mothers who’re desperate to land a dashing young professional.



I am an offical nacas. too honest
I don't want something that I can crawl into. I am a small dude, with a smaller package. Single mothers who are advertising themselves on YouTube is a great indicator for a promiscuous women.

I am a man of honour, I stick my smaller stick in the honey. Nowhere else, not the tighter hole or the gaping radio.

this is the best illustration with me and a single mother from YouTube. This is our first honeymoon/honeycomb. (You get the joke, if you get the joke)

(Never thought I could fit my head inside, but it looks spacious)
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