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Former PL VP Camey Nominated Ambassador Of Ethiopia

I don't care he is Ambassador of Somalia for Ethiopia. What I am proud of he is in official capacity representing Somalia, he should be wearing the clothes of his ancestors like Gulf Arabs do. You need to promote your culture officially. I would suggest you speak in your language also like other nations do. As an official representing the Somali people your responsibility to introduce the world to what makes our nation unique.

I also want to see Somali women who are in official capacity representing our nation wearing the clothes of their ancestors. If you want to represent this nation, stop going out there in front of the world wearing other people clothes, if you want to represent those nations. I suggest you move to those countries. But in Somalia we must honor the legacy and traditions and culture and dress that was handed down to our people and display it to the world.

If u feel some what inferior of your culture or what your ancestors handed down to you, please move to another country where you feel happy. I ain't abandoning shit from my awoowe-yaal for another man

I already told all u cunts in here. My political leaning is 'traditionalism' not 'islamism' and not 'westernization'. I put traditions before anything as it's sacred and can be lost. I want to speak to my peer knowing my ancestors handed me something and just because it's different to what your ancestor handed you doesn't mean it's any better.

Everyone has a right to preserve it's identity such as tribe, language, values, and culture. If u take this away from Somalia, there is nothing left to make me any different to the people in the world.