Fob xalimo throws it down at wedding


Yep and statistics and real life proves this. Whenever we bring up the large age gaps, there are some on this forum who love to bring up multimillionaire celebs who have wives 20 years their junior when overwhelmingly in 1st world countries, the average age gap is between 2-5 years. In poorer nations like Somalia the age gaps are much higher and seeing a 15 year old with a 40 year old is normal. That is obviously mainly due to poverty and lack of opportunities for women and girls.

I think this is why some men are anti women's education and work because they know that throughout history and today in some parts of the world, women's choices in a husband was very much about basic survival. Can he feed my kids and I? Can I rely on him for protection? Sadly, when women aren't given the opportunity to be able to support themselves, men can take advantage of women and gain access to women who would never have wanted to be with them if they had financial independence.
I can't even disagree with that.

Fobs are a whole mood and are filled with personality.
I think cause they live in a communal society and are taught from a young age to interact. While we are more individualistic and in a shell. Somalia cured me though and now I am outgoing and dont care what anyone thinks of me:ftw9nwa: